Controller (RC7M-VMG6BA-BP)

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Controller RC7M.

Item: Specification:
Axis Control: Number of Control Axes: 1 axis
Position Detection Method: Optical Rotary Encoder
Minimum Setting Distance: 0.01mm
Speed Setting: Set to 10 - 100% of parameter maximum speed
Gripping Force Setting: Set to 30 - 100% at point data
Protective Function (Alarm): 'Alarm Messages' or 'Error Messages'
LED Indicator: 4 Indicators: Power Supply (green), RDY (yellow), RUN (yellow), ALM (red)
Power Supply: Motor Power Supply: 24V DC +- 10% 1.0MAX
General: Operating Temperature: Conforms to robot controller installation environment (0-40*C)
Operating Humidity: 35 ~ 85%RH (without dew condensation)
Storage Temperature: -10 ~ +65*C
Protection Level: Conforms to robot controller installation environment
Vibration Impact: 9.8m/s2 (1.0G) or less
Altitude: 1000 or less when operating
Contact Life Time: No Contacts
Environmental Load Material Compliance: RoHS


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