HA006 Robot 6 Kg 1.3m reach welding and handling


Robot Description:

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The HA006 robot arm is ideal for small handing, sealant, cutting, assembly, machine tending and MIG welding applications. Its has an IP65 finish which enables it to be used in plastic injection moulding, CNC machine tool tending, and press tool environments. The HA006 Robotic manipulator is designed with a thin offset arm configuration, thus allowing easy access to the objects for welding. The arm has an internal wiring loom so has a very smooth finish. The robot weighs 155Kg. The robot package comes complete Hi5 Controller, 5m Robot encoder cable, Full colour Teach pendant 7.5m cable. For MIG welding applications the controller has built in interface for Fronius and Panasonic weld equipment. Please refer to out welding selection for more details. We also provide a range of manipulators for tooling including 1 axis and 2 axis for manipulating the workpiece in front of the robot.


The HA006 robot is the smallest robot in the Hyundai Robot range. It is a 6 axis robotic arm with a 6kg payload and 1394mm reach. It can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling. The controller can be configured to control 2 arms 12 axis and 4 axis of manipulation maximum of 16 axes. This for example will allow the welding at both ends of a exhaust pipe. The robot has Linear and Circular Interpolation.

Reach: 1,394mm
Payload: 6kg
Installation: Floor/Wall/Ceiling
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ±0.06mm
Approximate weight: 140kg
Max Speed: S: 170°/s, H: 170°/s, V: 170º/s, R2: 335°/s, B: 335°/s, R1: 500°/s
Motion Range: S: ±180°, H: +180° ~ -60°, V: +110° ~ -80°, R2: ±180°, B: ±135°, R1: ±360°
Allowable Moment: R2: 1.2kgf.m, B: 1.2kgf.m, R1: 0.6kgf.m
Max. Rated Power: 4.4kVA



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  • Manufacturer : Hyundai Heavy Industries