HR050 Robot 50kg 2m reach palletising and handling

HR050 Robot.

Robot Description:

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The HR050 robot is a 3 axis robot arm with a 50kg payload and a 2041mm reach. It can only be floor mounted. The robot has a repeatability of +- 0.07mm.


The HR050 robotic arm is ideal for medium duty applications which would include handling and palletizing. The HR050 Robot weighs 600kg. The main application for the robot atm is in handling products up to 50kg.


Reach: 2,041mm
Payload: 50kg
Installation: Floor
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ±0.07 mm
Approximate weight: 600kg
Max Speed: V: 130º/s, R2: 170º/s, R1: 250°/s
Motion Range: H: +160º ~ -80°, V: +57º ~ -80º, R1: ±127°
Allowable Moment: B: 18kgf.m, R1: 9kgf.m
Max. Rated Power: 8kVA



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  • Manufacturer : Hyundai Heavy Industries