HS4545 SCARA Medium Industrial 4 Axis Assembly Robot

Medium Reach 4 Axis Assembly Robot.

Arm Description;

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The HS4545 is the middle robot in the HS range of SCARA robots manufactured by DENSO with a reach of 450mm. It has a very small footprint which makes it an ideal robot for mounting inside an assembly machine. The robots are light weight and have low inertia which makes them easy to integrate. The SCARA configuration (4 axis robot, Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) produces a circular work envelope. The design and low cost of the robot make it an ideal replacement for a pick and place mechanism. The robot is easy to program reducing design time, and shorting lead times for machine builders. 3D CAD models for solid works design packages are available to further reduce lead times and ensures that the robot fits the work area. The robot comes with RC8 controller and has options for programming from a PC using ORiN 2 Interface using standard high level languages.


Reach: 450mm
Payload: 5kg
Cycle time 300mm + 25mm lift pick and place: 0.35 Sec
Repeatability with 1Kg payload: ± 0.015mm
Maximum moment of inertia of payload: 0.1Kg/m²
Arm weight: 50kg
Foot print: 150mm x 150mm
Motion angles: J1: ±155°, J2: ±145°, T: ±360º
Composite speed: 11,500mm/Sec
Services in upper arm: 4 Air + 24 electric



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  • Manufacturer : Denso